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Recent Presentations

15 March 2020 / 13 August 2020. “Big Data, Little Data, or No Data? Why Human Interaction with Data is a Hard Problem” Christine Borgman, ACM SIGIR Conference on Human Information Interaction and Retrieval , Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (more information and slides)

17-18 June 2019. “Why Data Sharing and Reuse in Biomedicine are Hard to Do” Christine Borgman, University of California AI in Biomedicine Conference, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA. (more information and slides)

5 December 2018. “Research Data Alliance in the Science Data-Sharing Landscape” Christine Borgman, RDA-France Conference in Partnership with National Open Science Plan for France, Paris, France. (more information and slides)

4 December 2018. “Big Science, Little Science, and Open Science: Sustainability, Stewardship, and Knowledge Infrastructures” Christine Borgman, National Open Science Plan for France: From Strategy to Action, Paris, France. (more information and slides)

10 October 2018. “Open Data, Grey Data, and Stewardship: Universities at the Privacy Frontier” Christine Borgman, Berkman Klein Luncheon Series, Harvard University. (more information and slides)

3 October 2018. “The invisible knowledge infrastructure of astronomy: A sharper focus on blurry data” Christine Borgman, Seamless Astronomy Colloquium, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. (more information and slides)

15 September 2018. “Big data, little data, or no data? Systematic reviews in an age of open data” Christine Borgman and Irene Pasquetto, Cochrane Colloquium, Edinburgh. (more information and slides)

15 September 2018. “How and why do scientists reuse others’ data to produce new knowledge?” Christine Borgman and Irene Pasquetto, Cochrane Colloquium: Fringe Event, Edinburgh. (more information and slides)

7 May 2018. “Big data, little data, or no data? iSchools, scholarship, and stewardship” Christine Borgman, Inaugural iSchool Lecture, Linnaeus University. (more information and slides)

4 May 2018. “Data sharing and reuse in interdisciplinary scientific collaborations: Challenges of heterogeneous practice” Christine Borgman, The Pufendorf IAS Symposium on Interdisciplinarity. (more information and slides)

3 May 2018. “Big data, little data, or no data? Scholarship, stewardship, and interdisciplinary research” Christine Borgman, Pufendorf Institute, Data Theme Seminar Series. (more information and slides)

27 February 2018. “Big data, little data, or no data? Scholarship and stewardship to build the UC digital library” Christine Borgman, Keynote presented at the Digital Library Federation X Conference. (more information and slides)

7 February 2018. “Academic Senate and IT Leadership: Shared Governance in Practice” Christine Borgman & Maryann Martone, University of California Information Technology Leadership Council. (more information and slides)