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Recent Presentations

26 June 2017. “Faculty Engagement to Reduce PII (Personally Identifiable Information) Risk” Christine Borgman & David G. Kay, University of California Cyber Risk Governance Committee. (more information and slides)

7 June 2017. “Big Data, Little Data, or No Data? Knowledge Infrastructures for the Earth Sciences” Christine Borgman, EarthCube All Hands Meeting. (more information and slides)

31 May 2017. “Science, Scholarship, Knowledge Infrastructures, and Judy & Gary Olson” Christine Borgman, Gary & Judy Olson’s Retirement Celebration. (more information and slides)

9 May 2017. “The Challenges of Reproducibility In Data Scarce Fields” Christine Borgman & Peter Darch, DataONE Webinar. (more information and slides)

21 April 2017. “Why Data Sharing & Reuse Are Hard To Do” Christine Borgman & Irene Pasquetto, Speakers, The BD2K Guide to the Fundamentals of Data Science Series. (more information and slides)

23 March 2017. “Academic Senate Engagement in Governance of IT and Cyber Risk” University of California Cyber Risk Governance Committee, 2017. (more information and slides)

22 February 2017. “Users and uses of a digital data archive: A case study of DANS” Keynote, KnoweScape 2017, Sofia, Bulgaria. (more information and slides)

20 January 2017. “Protecting Climate Data in Times of Political Turmoil” Workshop on political action to sustain access to essential data on climate change, Center for Knowledge Infrastructure, Department of Information Studies, UCLA (more information and slides)

6 December 2016. “Big Data, Little Data, or No Data? Sustaining Access to Scholarship” Distinguished Lecture, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China (more information and slides)

5 December 2016. “Data, Data Citation, and Bibliometrics” Keynote Speech, Taiwan Data Curation and Citation Workshop, National Taiwan University Library, Taiwan (more information and slides)

16 October 2016. “The Durability and Fragility of Knowledge Infrastructures: Lessons Learned from Astronomy” ASIST Paper Presentation, Copenhagen, Denmark (more information and slides)

5 October 2016. “Motivations for Sharing and Reusing Data: Complexities and Contradictions in the Use of a Digital Data Archive” Seminar Presentation, Quello Center on Media, Communication, and Information Policy, Michigan State University (more information and slides)

13 September 2016. “If Data Sharing is the Answer, What is the Question?” Keynote Presentation, SciDataCon 2016, Denver, Colorado (Video)(more information and slides)

13 September 2016. “How, When, and Why are Data Open? Competing Perspectives on Open Data in Science” Moderator’s Remarks, SciDataCon 2016, Denver, Colorado (more information and slides)

13 September 2016. “Open Data in Astronomy Sky Surveys” Panel Presentation, SciDataCon 2016, Denver, Colorado (more information and slides)

11 September 2016. “Privacy Implications of Research Data: A NISO Symposium” NISO-RDA Joint Interest Group, Denver, Colorado (more information and slides)

17 August 2016. “Rethinking Scholarship: Data Analytics in Chinese Buddhist Philology” PNC 2016 Annual Conference and Joint Meetings, The Getty Center (more information and slides)

25 May 2016. “Colloquium: Data Sharing: Where Scholarship Meets Policy and Practice” Maastricht University, Netherlands (more information and slides)

9 May 2016. “Big Data, Little Data, No Data – Who is in Charge of Data Quality?” World Data Systems Webinar, ICSU (more information and slides)


Video Presentations and Talks